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Welcome to the home page of the club.

In 1903, the bicentenary of Pepys’ death, a group of four men, who had all read the edition of Samuel Pepys Diary which was then available, met together over dinner and resolved to form a club to honour the memory of Pepys, to dine annually and to hold meetings at which they would hear readings from the diary, listen to music of his era, and give and listen to papers on various aspects of his life.

Thus was born the Samuel Pepys Club . The club grew rapidly and soon reached its original membership limit of fifty members. There is now, one hundred and thirteen years later, no limit to the size of the club and we welcome anyone who has a genuine interest in Pepys, his life and times. If you are interested in joining please use the link below.

The Samuel Pepys Club

Pepys in 1700 by Closterman

Pepys in 1689



Pepys in 1665 by